Google Bard Updates

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DateTopic of update of Google Bard
September 27, 2023Google Bard: Users can now provide feedback on suggestions

Concrete feedback helps Bard learn and improve. By knowing which response a user prefers, Bard can better understand what they are looking for and provide more relevant answers in the future.
How to provide feedback?
When Bard provides two suggestions side-by-side, the user can select their choice. They can also select “No preference” or disable the feature. This update is an important step in the development of Google Bard. It allows users to contribute to the improvement of conversational AI, which will benefit everyone.

This update is a welcome addition to Google Bard. It allows users to have a direct impact on the improvement of conversational AI. It is important to note that feedback is anonymous, which ensures user privacy. Google Bard is still under development, but it is constantly improving. This update is a sign that Google is committed to making Bard the best conversational AI possible.