Google has unveiled a groundbreaking generative AI instrument tailored for background images.

In perfect alignment with the approaching holiday shopping season, Google is inaugurating fresh attributes to aid vendors in seizing the attention of consumers within search results. These new additions encompass a “small enterprise marker,” generative AI utilities for product visuals, and an extensively detailed business dossier module embedded within search outcomes. This progression follows Google’s recent announcement concerning the expansion of its Augmented Reality (AR) try-on technology into the realm of hair color.

The imperative to augment the shopping experience assumes growing significance for Google, given the ongoing migration of consumers to social media platforms for their shopping inquiries, with advertisers closely following suit.

the latest advancements in Google’s shopping domain.

With a remarkable 84% of individuals expressing the significance of supporting local and small-scale enterprises, as per a recent Google/Ipsos study, it is only logical that Google endeavors to facilitate the discovery of such businesses on its platform. Following in the footsteps of Amazon, which introduced a “small business emblem” on its platform last year, vendors can now associate themselves with a “small business attribute” within Google Search and Maps.

Consequently, any products showcased within search results, offered by enterprises embodying this attribute, will be adorned with a “small enterprise” identifier. Furthermore, the businesses themselves will be distinguished with this label on Maps. Additionally, Google intends to autonomously append the small business attribute to specific merchant listings, hinging on factors such as product breadth, geographic reach, and online traffic volume.

AI Innovations for Crafting and Administering Product Visuals

Google aligns with a burgeoning trend in digital platforms by introducing generative AI tools to serve the needs of vendors in terms of their product visuals. Amazon unveiled its generative AI image tool last week, and Meta made its repertoire of image tools accessible to all advertisers in October.

Presently, Google is launching its proprietary suite of AI instruments, christened Product Studio, aimed at simplifying the creation and management of product imagery for vendors. This array of tools will initially be available exclusively to users of the U.S. Merchant Center Next. It encompasses an AI-fueled text-to-image scenery generation feature designed to enhance product backdrops. Moreover, it offers background removal capabilities and functionalities dedicated to augmenting image clarity. Notably, Product Studio will be accessible via Google and YouTube apps for Shopify vendors.

Fostering Trust Through Enhanced Merchant Insights

In a strategic move to alleviate consumer apprehensions when engaging with unfamiliar sellers, Google is broadening the spectrum of information visible to shoppers during their quest for businesses on the Search platform.

Commencing this month in select regions, the knowledge panel that hitherto revealed details such as the corporate headquarters’ location and workforce size will now display an array of shopping-centric particulars. These encompass ongoing promotions, shipping policies, return protocols, customer support contacts, as well as evaluations and reviews. It is imperative to note that the knowledge panel will extend its presence to a more extensive array of vendors compared to its prior scope.

by Frédéric BOX