On 8 February 2024, Google marked a major turning point in the field of conversational artificial intelligence with the official launch of Gemini, the successor to Bard. This new platform provides direct access to Google’s best family of AI models, while offering an intuitive and simplified user interface.

A new name for a new era

The change of name from Bard to Gemini symbolises Google’s ambition to democratise conversational AI. Gemini is intended to be the single point of entry for a multitude of services, from content writing to event planning.

The Gemini application: power and flexibility

The Gemini application is available from today on Android and iOS in certain countries. It lets you interact with Google’s AI in a variety of ways: text, voice or images. Integrated with popular applications such as Gmail, Maps and YouTube, Gemini offers a fluid and efficient user experience.

Progressive and responsible deployment

As part of its commitment to the responsible development of AI, Google is gradually rolling out Gemini. Canada is the first country to benefit from the Gemini web application in all available languages. Other countries and regions will follow in the coming months.

Gemini Advanced: for the most demanding users

In addition to the consumer application, Google is also offering Gemini Advanced, a more powerful version aimed at business users and developers. This version offers additional features, such as access to more sophisticated AI models and the ability to create custom applications.

Analysis of Gemini’s strengths and weaknesses


  • Intuitive, ergonomic user interface
  • Access to the best of Google’s AI models
  • Seamless integration with popular Google applications
  • Available on multiple platforms (web, Android, iOS)
  • Multilingual support

Weak points:

  • Limited availability (certain countries only)
  • Lack of offline support
  • Privacy concerns (data collection and use)
  • Risk of bias and discrimination

The launch of Gemini marks a new stage in the history of conversational AI. With its accessible, high-performance platform, Google is paving the way for a future where AI serves everyone.

On the day of the official launch of Gemini, it is crucial to test the Gemini and Gemini Advanced AI for yourself to form an objective and informed opinion. The strengths and weaknesses outlined above are only a preliminary analysis and cannot replace in-depth personal experience. Only practical use of these tools will enable you to fully assess their potential and limitations, and to determine their suitability for your specific needs.

Official Gemini website: https://gemini.google.com/