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In the realm of AI, a “prompt” is a directive or instruction provided to a machine learning model.

It serves as a starting point for the model to generate responses or perform specific tasks. These prompts can be in the form of text, voice, or other input methods. The effectiveness of a prompt lies in its ability to elicit the desired outcome from the AI model.

The term “prompt” in the context of artificial intelligence (AI) generally refers to the instruction or query given to the model to obtain a specific response. In the context of GPT-3.5, like me, a “prompt” is a short sentence or set of sentences that the user provides to ask for a specific response or generate specific content.

The use of the term “prompt” may derive from the fact that the user “prompts” or “invites” the model to generate a response by giving it a specific instruction or question. It essentially acts as a trigger for the language model, guiding its output behavior based on the provided input.

Using of word “prompt”

For example, if you give me the prompt “Explain how machine learning works,” you can expect my response to focus on that particular explanation. Thus, the choice of the prompt influences the nature of the response generated by the model.

The use of the term “prompt” in the context of artificial intelligence is not attributable to a specific person who invented it. It has rather become a commonly used term in the fields of machine learning and text generation to describe the instruction given to the model. The use of the term “prompt” is part of the common language of the machine learning and AI community, evolving naturally as these fields progress. Researchers, developers, and practitioners have adopted this term to describe how language models are prompted or directed to produce specific results based on the given instructions. In summary, the term “prompt” emerged organically in the context of AI and machine learning, without a specific person to credit for its invention.

The adoption of this term occurred organically, in conjunction with the development and popularization of language models and machine learning techniques. Language evolves rapidly in the field of AI, and new terms and concepts are regularly introduced to describe specific ideas. “Prompt” likely started to be widely used as researchers, developers, and the AI community sought ways to describe how language models were prompted to generate content.

In academic literature, discussions about using “prompts” to direct models may date back several years, but there is no widely recognized specific origin point for the adoption of this term in the common language of AI.